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ClickPack One-Stop Services...

  1. Design and choose a package that most fit with the customers product
  2. Manufacture standard-sized packaging for all customers
  3. Manufacture customized-sized with customized-design packaging
  4. Manufacture various design of labels
  5. Merchandise labeling machines and pulse sealing machines

ClickPack does provide you the total convenience and flexibility with our various choices and options.  Some high quality products are difficult to be sold because the packages are not attractive enough even though the product itself comes with the highest quality.  For this purpose, the newcomers that would like to learn the market by trial and error, and those big companies that already have a big market share who want to reduce the cost will be more than welcome to use our service.

Standard Packaging

We help you choose the most suitable package for your goods with various designs and sizes so that you can get the desirable shelf life with a worth having image.  Consumer goods, cosmetics, skin care goods, and chemical products are for instance.  Besides, we do concern about the light of the package, the heat and humidity resistance to ensure that all customers will get the best packaging from ClickPack.  Furthermore, you can see some examples and get some ideas of your desirable label and packaging from our website.



Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeve label is a label that is printed on a plastic film then forming onto any container such as a bottle and a glass.  It covers the whole 360 degree of the containers.  Once it pass the blown heater, the shrink sleeve label will be shaped as same as the container itself.  Customers can choose whether to cover the whole container or only some parts of it including a cap seal.

Self-adhesive Labels/Pressure Sensitive Labels

ClickPack does provide various kinds of materials to be printed for your sticker labels by using our highest technology process.  Digital offset, flexo, screen, and gravure are some part of it.  Besides, laminate, hot foil, emboss and other special techniques will be used to make your products as much outstanding and durable as we can.


ClickPack does manufacture a three-side seal pouch, stand-up pouch, and zipper pouch with various kinds of materials.  Clear plastic, foil aluminum, and foil metalized are for instance.  We can create the most suitable property for each of your products such as foods, cosmetics, chemical materials, and cleaning detergents with the lowest price but highest quality.  Furthermore, a zip lock, a small hole for hanging the goods, and  the V-cut that help the end consumers easier open the pouch will also be done as required.


ClickPack is a dealer of automatic and non-automatic labeling machines, and we also merchandise various types of pouch sealing machines.

[Packaging Design and Product Prototyping]

ClickPack does help you create and design all labels and packaging including making a real prototype and mockup so that our customers can see a finished products without spending a big amount of money on a mold.  This is our particularly distinguished achievement.