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1. How to make an order with ClickPack?

Answer: You can easier make an order with ClickPack through our ClickPack website.  You can choose the type of your container, the size, and other important needs that are important to calculate the price through our online-ordering form.  After that, we will contact you shortly.

2. Does ClickPack make a design for your product when you do not have any artwork?

Answer: Yes, we do have many artworks for you to choose, and you can customize your product as much as you would like.  After all, we can choose which one is most suitable for your budget and purpose.

3. How long does it take to produce any order?

Answer: We can deliver your finished label products within 14 days after the payment is done.  Moreover, the stand-up pouch, three-side seal pouch, and zipper pouch will be delivered 28 days after the payment is done.